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Welcome to Our Church

City Lights Church is a Non-denominational Church in the city of Scranton for people just like you! Whether you have grown up in church or have no background in Christianity, you can call City Lights home. Our focus is quite simple: Worship God, Grow with each other, and Serve our city.

City Lights Church is a place that is culturally engaging with its foundation firmly found in the scriptures. We are a blend of modern worship, and Gospel-Centered preaching set in the context of a relaxed environment that cares more about the condition of your heart than your attire. In other words there is no formal dress code, just clothes. Join our church for an upcoming service in Scranton at 10:30 am or feel free to contact us for more info or to speak to a pastor.

Upcoming Events


Mens/Womens Groups

Join us on Tuesday nights in April for our Men’s and Women’s discussion groups.  We will be discussing 4 major themes in life as we grow together as men, as women, and as a church. Free child care will be provided

Prayer Night

Night Of Prayer

Join us for our night of prayer and worship together on April 13th at 7pm. We believe that God moves in our city and our churches when gather together to pray. Hope you can be a part of this special night.



We are currently finishing our look at the book of Mark, where we will follow the events leading up to the cross. But what happens after the cross? This is where you and I find ourselves. Starting April 12th we will begin to look at life after the work of Christ on the cross and how the […]

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I am convinced that a lot of people stop praying, expecting, or believing God because His answers to prayer are rarely rapid or instant. He can show up instantly, but it’s not promised to us. However, He is not slack in answering prayer and He puts that in His word. In 2 Peter 3:9 He states, “The […]

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I Am Barabbas

We have all made Barabbas into some kind of monster. At least in my mind, he has become some kind of Disney villain with horns and a patch over his eye. Someone that I can not relate to because “I’m not that bad”. As we approach Easter we will probably hear how Pilate gave the […]

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Stop Making Things Awkward

A few years ago I said something that hurt one of my close friends. I can still remember the feeling of regret and embarrassment when I realized what I had done. I quickly apologized and received his forgiveness. However, what I remember the most about this conflict was not the feeling the joy of forgiveness […]

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Change Of Plans

Recently I heard that a beautiful resort that I had once stayed in had closed and fallen prey to vandalism and theft. I drove out to see it and was shocked by its sudden demise. I thought this place would be around forever like Disneyland, death, and taxes. After getting over the initial impact, the Lord […]

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Judging The Word

It amazes me how many wacky ideas people have about God, often without scriptural basis. One that I have heard is called “The Big Scale Theory”. This states that God puts all your good deeds on one side of the scale and all your bad deeds on the other side. If the good outweighs the bad, you go to […]

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