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The House

The House – Men's Discipleship Promo from City Lights Church on Vimeo.

In our culture there is a high emphasis for young men to finish their education, find a career, start a family, and build towards their future. While all of these things are good and show signs of maturity, young men often lose sight of what is most important, Spiritual Growth and Formation.
We see in scripture that all believers are to make disciples, and we also see in Titus that older or more experiences believers are to be teaching and instructing younger believers, (older men to young men and older women teaching younger women).

Our desire at THE HOUSE is to intentionally disciple young men who are in the midst of setting the building blocks for their life.

“The context for discipleship is not simply going on discipleship course or reading discipleship books, but everyday life within the Christian Family. Think about the parallel with biological families. Just as children are nurtured in the context of their biological family, so Christians are to be nurtured in the context of the church family. This may involve courses or programs or regular one-to-one meetings, just as parents may set aside a regular time for reading the bible and praying with their children. But parents also nurture their children through a thousand ad hoc interactions: we plan outings; we challenge bad behavior; we answer their questions, we ask them questions. Good parenting often responds to unplanned situations, but with a high level of intentionality. We use the events of our children lives as opportunity to shape their character and teach the Gospel. It is the same with disciplining one another in the church family.” -Tim Chester

Discipleship is more than a class. It is family. It is community.

Every guy at THE HOUSE will be a part of:

Hosting Home Groups
Weekly “Family Dinner”
1 on 1 Time– Each guy will get intentional one on one time with either a CLC pastor, church elder, or House Director every month.
Monthly Challenges– Each month the guys will be given a challenge to help them share their faith and the gifts that God has placed inside of them, as well as stir the gifts that have not fully developed but are growing. This may include street evangelism and other forms of public ministry.
CLC Internship
Monthly Readings
Ministry Opportunity
Conference or Ministry Travel
Guest Speakers For THE HOUSE– On occasion CLC will have guest speakers spend time teaching and ministering to the interns

If you are interested in more information regarding “The House” call 570-468-2515.